A Night At The Lilypad (In Ivy)

Last Saturday officially kicked off the new launch, so to speak, of the band I’ve recently joined, In Ivy. With new songs and new band members, Amanda and Co. was joined on the stage last week by drummer Davis/ other musical group/project, Percussionisms.

Partial video of “What I Mean I Do”, including all the members of Percussionisms. It was a small venue, but we were all able to squeeze in!

The venue we played at, the Lilypad in Cambridge, MA, was on the smaller side, but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time. The intimacy of the room allowed us to emote the tunes more passionately, and share some tender moments with the audience.

Video of “Matter Of Time”. This is one of my personal favorites from Amanda’s catalog of original tunes.

With such a great turn-out for our first performance, it was truly a wonderful night. Everything went off without a hitch, and I’m excited to see where we go next! Actually, next we play at the Reading, MA tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice! I’ve got to get better at regularly posting on here. For full details for tomorrow’s show please go over to Facebook and look up In Ivy’s Music page, or my personal one. You can find me on Facebook (and Instagram) at Musically With Joel Spinale. Hope to catch you at our next show!

Our set closer, “Naivety”. An “older” hit from the band, but this tune showcases Amanda’s progression into writing, and the band’s direction into, a heavier rock sound.

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