It was a dark and stormy night…

No, but seriously, I was born in Boston, MA during the Perfect Storm in 1991. Look it up.

I was raised in Acushnet, MA where I got my first taste for music. Up the street, in my aunt’s dusty basement, I found a hidden treasure. A very old upright piano was there, VERY out of tune. I was no more than seven when I vividly remember sitting down at that piano and “performing” my first piece of music: a battle against the low notes and the high notes. In my head, I pictured it as a game of Stratego, with the middle section being the No Man’s Land. Who walked away victorious from that 20 minute cacophony of noise? Me.

Shortly after that, I began taking piano lessons on that very piano and I knew that I had found my calling. (I still have it today! Through no small feat that old upright has traveled everywhere I have). In high school I picked up mallet percussion and joined the marching band. Soon to follow was every other musical ensemble I could squeeze in the time for, including indoor percussion ensemble, orchestra, and eventually Drum and Bugle Corps. Somewhere in the throes of high school I began teaching myself guitar and bass, aspiring to be the next Angus Young or Frank Zappa. Or maybe Les Claypool or Trey Anastasio. I can’t decide who my number one idol is! Musical performance and theory were my passion, and I needed to share them with the world.

Hitting the road with Drum and Bugle Corps. the day after I graduated high school, I began a life as a traveling musician. Well, if life as a traveling musician included a tour bus constantly breaking down and not enough food to go around…so yeah, exactly the traveling musician’s life. But it was incredible, and a life altering experience. It solidified my desire to be a life-long musician, and I knew I would double down when I got back home to further my musical education.

I attended Anna Maria College near Worcester, MA where I squished a four year degree into three years. There I took formal lessons on piano, guitar, bass guitar, double bass, mallet percussion, and even voice. I learned the magic behind every piece of music was the theory, and I gobbled it up eagerly, always wanting more.

Graduating a year early while continuing to make Dean’s List, I supported myself for a few years playing at local churches and working at a braille printing press in Boston, MA to pay off those dastardly student loans.  Along the way I met some incredible musicians in and out of the church, where my passion for live performance grew. I have had the pleasure of performing with musicians from around the world, all eager to share their passion of music with me. I would perform occasionally in and around the Boston area, spanning from subway Christmas carols to open mic nights and paid live performances.

All throughout this trek I have taught music to other eager students, both formally and as a friend. In addition to performing, I love nothing more than composing and recording original music, some of which will shortly debut on this website. Also further inspired by my piano instructor back home, I became certified as a piano technician. So now not only can I care for and maintain other people’s treasured pianos, I can come home and care for my own darling piano, without which this journey wouldn’t’ve began.

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