Back To The Chicken Shack (Well, Nashville TN…)

Hey gang! After another long wait (I promise, one day I’ll get better at these website posts…) I’m checking in to share my time down in Nashville, TN!

About a year ago I went down to visit my good friend Jamie Randle (check him out at ) to begin working on music together. After a fruitful start, I came home and couldn’t wait to touch down in Nashville again.

I had the great opportunity to once again join forces with one of the best drummers I’ve ever worked with and met (still Jamie), and again we hit the ground running and worked (nearly) eight days straight. And, once again, I sadly had to come back to reality and now have to count down the days until our paths cross again, knowing the next time we’re together we’ll work even harder and grow leaps and bounds as musicians.

This time around we got to really working on some original music, which I’ll be very happy to share with you all…once I can take the time to sort through and condense/edit/polish off for your enjoyment. Hope to get back soon, both to you and back to Jamie!

Jamie Randle warming up for a long day of hard work! Or a hard day of long work? I can’t decide. Too much Nashville BBQ on the brain.

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