(Close to) Midnight At The Midway (In Ivy)

A few weeks back (I’m slow on the uptake, I know) In Ivy had another great performance in Jamacia Plain at the Midway Café. Sandwiched between some other great bands, we were third in a lineup of four. We debuted some new tunes (videos below), and can’t wait to share some more with you guys! There were some pleasant surprises, including adding an improtu outro jam to the tune Birds.

Halfway through Amanda’s solo performance, Davis (our drummer) decided we should go ahead with the outro jam we had been working on in rehearsal. Everybody was surprised, especially Amanda! Little happy surprises.

We will be performing at the Midway again Tuesday, August 20th. Hope to see you all there!

Song Of The Wave, performed above, is off In Ivy’s debut album. Here is the new line-up’s first iteration of this breezy tune.

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