Looking for opportunities to work alongside other professional musicians. Proficient at an array of instruments and genres. Can work on short notice, and am self-reliant on transportation and equipment.

*COMING SOON* More audio and video demonstrations of cover and original material.

Original Demo, This Fickle Feeling. Recorded at home studio in 2016.
Original Demo, Ethnic Ambiguity. Recorded at home studio in 2016.
Dave Matthews Band Cover, Spaceman. Recorded at home studio in 2016.

Reviews and Testimonials:

“I had the pleasure of playing with Joel for the two years I lived in Boston. I am a singer and musician, and Joel accompanied me as a pianist and mostly as lead guitarist in various concerts and performances. Joel is an eclectic and talented musician, with an immense musical culture, with marked organizational skills and extreme attention to detail. Of incredible education and kindness, availability and seriousness, Joel has a great determination and he knows what he wants. The passion for music can be felt in every note that it plays. His organizational ability and his musical knowledge allow him to go in any direction, optimizing the preparation time and all the work behind a musical performance. Both during rehearsals and during live performances, having him next to me has always given me a great sense of security and peace, as well as having found great harmony with him. A musician of great humility, serious and motivated, he is able to hear the music inside and to convey his emotions to the public. It was an honor for me to sing accompanied by him, I was really lucky.
I hope to have the opportunity one day to play with him again.” -Lyla R. (Boston, MA)

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