My trip to Nashville, TN

A few weeks back I went down to Nashville, TN. As much as I would have liked to be a tourist and hit up all the local hot spots, I had work on the mind. There’s a time for pleasure, and a time for putting your nose to the grindstone.

My good friend and frequent collaborator Jamie Randle ( is a wonderful musician. He and I first met while working in Boston, MA at National Braille Press, and a friendship quickly blossomed. (awe…)

Jamie truly has an extraordinary work ethic, and is hands down the hardest working musician around. A thunderous drummer, he always comes to the studio fully charged and ready to blow the socks off of anyone lucky enough to work with him.

Here’s a quick video of Jamie in action. We were working on and perfecting his audio recording equipment to get that perfectly balanced, studio quality, drum set sound.

I could gush about Jamie all day, but let’s press forward. Just know he’s a stupid good drummer.

Working on some old material from an old audition a few years ago, we quickly picked up right where we left off. We got to some new grooves I’ve been working on, and experimented with some older material. We practically slept in his studio! After just a week, we came up with over 100 outtakes and recordings of some great material. I still need to do some sorting and sifting, but I’ll give you some of the better samples to listen to.

Original Demo, titled Dregs. Recorded live at Jamie Randle’s studio in Nashville, TN.
Styx Cover, Blue Collar Man (drums and synth only). Recorded live at Jamie Randle’s studio in Nashville, TN.

More to come, once I’ve gotten the chance to polish off and edit a few more! in the meanwhile, again, please PLEASE check Jamie out ( He’s such a treat.

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