Always a perfectionist and prideful of a job well done, I am your guy for the big day. Whether it be for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, or even non-wedding related parties/events, I will bring a special touch that will make the event memorable for everyone involved. I have performed at a wedding with just three days’ notice, and never fall short of the mark.

Always eager to please, I am willing (and able) to proficiently play any and all genres and requests (made ahead of time) to personalize each performance to the host.

*COMING SOON* More audio and video demonstrations of cover (including Christmas) and original material.

Phil Coulter Cover, Tranquility. Recorded live in 2019.
Original Demo, titled Perfunctorily. Recorded at home studio 2016.
Christmas Cover, Silent Night. Recorded at piano studio 2018.

Reviews and Testimonials:

“For our magical day, we pictured our beautiful ceremony over and over again. The decorations, the friends and family, and most importantly the ambiance. Going with the less-than-trendy winter wedding, we envisioned a winter wonderland with a light coating of holiday and dreamed of a musical background that matched. From day one we knew there was one person for the job. Joel took our vision and expanded it. He mastered songs that fit the theme we desired for the gatherings before the ceremony. He perfected the specific songs we requested, adjusting them slightly on the fly the day before to match the exact picture we had painted for ourselves. He was understanding, flexible, and a professional every step of the way. Most importantly, he helped us bring our vision to life. There is nothing I would change about our special day, especially the artist we had the privilege of having play our ceremony. Joel was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding ceremony, and I would personally recommend him to anyone looking for their wedding to be a masterpiece.” – David H. (Glocester, RI)

Contact for further inquires. Taking Christmas bookings as well.

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