Wild Nights At Walnut St. Café (The Spinets, formerly the John Gabriel Experience)

Last week I had the pleasure of once again performing with my cousin and a few good friends in Lynn, MA. The Spinets (formerly the John Gabriel Experience) had a good time jamming on some covers and originals at the Walnut St. Café. Despite its small size, Walnut St. is a great venue to play intimate shows to fans who are (almost literally) sitting on the performer’s laps. Which neither the musicians or the fans seem to mind!!

An oldie but a goodie, John Denver’s Leaving On A Jet Plane got the older generations bobbing their head along to this upbeat take on a classic.

Our drummer, John Gabriel, was on vacation during this performance, so we had a last minute fill-in take the throne. Ryan Ladue was a great addition to our line-up, and quickly learned all the songs! It was great working with him.

A condensed version, this is a staple slow jam from the band Phish titled Wading In The Velvet Sea. It’s still on of my favorites to listen to, and perform.

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